Quantrill's Men



The William Clarke Quantrill Society is a Missouri Not-for-Profit corporation dedicated to the study of the Border War and the War of Northern Aggression on the Missouri-Kansas border with an emphasis on the lives of Quantrill, his men, his supporters, his adversaries, and the resulting historical record. We also collect and disseminate genealogical information about Quantrill, his men and their descendants.

The Quantrill Reunion is a tradition that dates back to 1898 when, at the call of Frank James, some 37 or 38 veterans of Quantrills command met at BlueSprings for a day of remembering their part in the local civil war.
To this day, The William Clarke Quantrill Society conducts an annual Quantrill Reunion usually in the fall of the year.



- President Harry S. Truman

Sketches Courtesy of Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library,

1901 Quantrill Men Reunion, Image Copyright Unknown, Courtesy of Harry S. Truman Library

Their firepower gave them a marked advantage over the Union troops armed with single shot muzzle-loading rifles. They could do great harm in a very short time. They also rode the finest horses available making escape possible."
Hansen, Duncan E. A Reunion in Death. Two Trails Publishing Press, 2002

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Our future is in the hands of those that have an interest in this important history and a yearning to learn more.

It is imperitive we look to the past for lessons we can all learn, in order to fulfill a future that is respectful to everyone.

In some way, we are all connected.


"Most of Quantrill's men were quite young. The average age was around 20 years old. These 'men' for the most part grew up on the many small farms in Missouri. They were accustomed to a rugged life style, were fine horsemen, and knew how to use firearms. These men usually carried from four to eight six shot revolvers.

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